The Argument Essay: Free Will Is A State Of Mind

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We are driven by our environment, biology and unconscious influence around us as free will is a state of mind. Free will is the idea that we have a choice in how we act and it assumes that we are unrestricted in choosing our actions, therefore we stand self-determined. We have the power to act without constraint of necessity or fate of discretion and a person remains in control of their own life. The idea of free will gives humans reason to exist. As if free will does not exist, then we live only as much as a river or a cloud does. Still the principle of free will has religious, legal, ethical, and scientific associations on an individual’s view of life. Nevertheless free will holds various positions which have been discussed for centuries.
One view of free will is the view of determinists. This view suggests that there exists no room for human choice. They hold the belief that life is predestined. In other words we are in the hands of something else, or someone else. In their opinion nothing occurs randomly, instead everything happens for a reason and by necessity. It is a belief taught by
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As well as sanctions which fortify conformity, and still keep an individual thinking that the things they do are of ‘free will.’ Many people say that they do what they want, but this is an inaccurate statement. Chances are if a person does do what they want they’d end up locked up in prison, an insane asylum, or completely secluded from everyone as an outcast to society. For example, in most countries if a man abuses a woman he is punished. He becomes undesirable by friends and family as well as put into prison where he is treated like garbage and dehumanized. Thus making it less likely to occur among individuals, still however others say they do not fear the consequences of hitting a woman, they just think it to be morally wrong. But is it morally

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