The Deficit Reduction Proposal Will Emulate Kasich 's Action Plan

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This deficit reduction proposal will emulate Kasich’s action plan, staying true to his supply-side economics roots, with minor adjustments to ensure acceptability by Congress. For the FY2018 budget, Kasich should propose a budget with a $262 billion deficit reduction in order to maintain the original deficit goals derived from his FY2018-2025 Budget Outline which ends in a $3 billion surplus by 2025 (Kasich for America 2016b, 2). Kasich’s federal budget is inspired by the Ohio budget proposal which eventually led to their balanced state budget through tax rate cuts for individuals and business and entitlement program reforms (Provance 2015b). Kasich’s plan calls for the on-budget deficit, which is the deficit excluding Social Security and the Postal Service, to be eliminated by 2025, leaving roughly a $250 billion total budget deficit (Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. 2015). Additionally, his plan requires for the restructuring of some federal departments and their responsibilities shall be placed back into the purview of the individual states (Kasich for America 2016b, 1). Both aspects of Kasich’s action plan will be implemented in this deficit reduction package because they are compatible with the candidate’s positions and contribute considerably to the overall reduction.
Reduction and Control of Spending

The most jarring aspect of this deficit reduction package is the freeze on discretionary funding for the non-defense programs for the next ten years. The…

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