The Deep Web And The Internet Security Agent Essay

1942 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 null Page
The “Deep Web,” is a separate web accessed by anyone anywhere around the world. Using the servers provided by the United States in order to operate. Covering more than ninety percent of the internet, providing with illegal content and shops (Sterne, 4). People around the globe can connect to the Deep Web and have access to books and articles, informing readers on how to create bombs, how to take out and sell organs for money, and how to make illegal drugs. The Deep Web can be accessed by downloading the “Tor Browser,” which protects the user’s identity by transferring IP addresses from computers around the world. According to Sterne, who is an internet security agent, “the transfer of drugs, illegal weapons and the hiring of contract killers is an almost daily occurrence on this medium” (Sterne, 5). The government recognizes these events occurring, but can’t react to such situations. The Deep web provides nothing but negative matter to the society; the governmental servers should eliminate and block any connections between the Deep Web and internet users. Thus, a person connected to the web, could eventually open his or her own web page on the Deep Web to start his or her business without any governmental precedent involved. The process of purchasing from shops or hiring contract killers involves its own currency called Bitcoins. Every dollar equals to .32 cents of Bitcoins (Sterne, 8). This currency is traded in Wall Street, and also could be purchased in some banks in…

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