Essay on The Declaration Of Independence And Independence

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The Declaration of Independence is often hailed as one of the most important documents in American History, though the phrase might be a bit nearsighted, it is not entirely untrue. The Declaration of Independence, while by itself did not substantially change the nation, was the culmination of the changing settler mindset, which was shifting towards independence. Along with representing a changing people, the Declaration of Independence also pushed forward a new world that was host to new a new government, and also made new relations with Foreign countries, specifically France. The Declaration also brought a new sense of freedom through unity, which consequentially held up negative public opinions about the enemy, the British Crown. In the beginning of the history of the American colonies, there was clearly an unwavering faith towards the British motherland, with colonists fresh off the boat with intentions to benefit their homeland from which they came. Of course, all good things must come to an end and the English plans for expansion were prematurely cut short. The Crown’s unfair treatment of the separated citizens had turned into anger and distrust, which combined with the separation of the Americas, turned into a veritable petri dish for revolutionaries. Before the actual war even took place, more civilized battles were springing up in to forms of protests and acts. A shot from the colonists came in the form of uprisings and protests such as the Berkeley Rebellion…

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