The Declaration Of Independence And Independence Essay

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On July 4th, 1776, the Unites States of America officially declared their independence from Britain. The path leading up to that day was wrought with previous wars, boycotts, colonial taxes, massacre’s, and the first continental congress meetings. These specific events contributed towards the convening of 50 representatives from various colonies to declare independence. All the colonies frustrations, unalienable rights, and freedoms represented in one document. But do these rights and freedoms apply to every man? What about the women? Do unalienable rights and freedoms pertain to anybody who is in the United States or just the elite white males who wrote the document? Why was the document written in 1776? These are just a few questions that arise that pertain to the Declaration of Independence. An analysis of the Declaration of Independence (DOI) gives insight into how Britain treated the colonies during the 18th century, events leading up to independence, and how the document itself pertains to different individuals residing in the United States. There are many events leading up to the Declaration of Independence, such as the many invasive taxes brought upon by Britain, boycotts of those taxes, and the first skirmish of colonial militia and British forces in the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775 (Mailer Audio 2). So why does the Declaration of Independence get written in 1776 instead of earlier? Many of the colonists were still pro-monarchial and believed that the…

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