The Decision Making Performance Of Army Rotc Essay

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Specific Aims The purpose of this research is to study Army Reserve Officer in Training Corp. (AROTC) cadets. The general purpose of this study is to analyze the decision-making performance of Army ROTC cadets placed in an artificial environment using a Virtual Reality program to simulate a hyper-realistic situation of a platoon or company size element on a foot patrol mission. There is a lack of prior research regarding this topic of studying AROTC cadets because prior studies has been directed to research officers in different branches in the United States from Marine Corps, Army, Navy, and Air Force and Coast Guard Officer. Furthermore, this study will implement techniques from prior research conducted on the topic of decision making in the Armed Forces. I will hypothesize that MS IV cadets will perform poorly under a hyperrealism environment using the IOWA Gambling Task implementing a VR system. In addition, I will place MS IV as the higher performers and use MS III cadets as the lower performers placing the MS III cadets as the comparison group. The counter hypothesis to this study is that the MS IV cadets will actually perform better under the modified version of the IOWA Gambling Task using a VR system.
Background and Significance The topic for this is the “Decision Making Skills on Future Army 2nd Lieutenants’ Using a Modified Version of the IOWA Gambling Task Implementing a Virtual Reality System.” The Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (AROTC) is a…

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