Essay on The Decay Of Friendship By Samuel Johnson

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“In the Decay of Friendship” by Samuel Johnson he brings out that “the most fatal disease of friendship is gradual decay”(285) , which brings the attention to readers that friendships can slowly be destroyed. What is friendship? How can one keep a friendship forever? What 's different from his friendships then others? These are questions that come in mind, when reading his story. Regarding this, how does today 's culture of friendships relate or differ from his. Friendships are what keeps humans full of happiness. Friendships can be cherished by many, but some might take advantage of the friendship. People tend to count on their friends when they 're feeling down or just when they need someone to talk to. That 's what basically a friendship is and Johnson had friendships as well and his view of friendships weren 't as amazing. He views friendships as a danger and warning, that one must be prepared for betrayal or disappointment. He also explains the qualities of a friendship, and the bumps of having a friendship. Today 's culture of friendships is often viewed where ever he or she might be, such as, a group of friends meeting at one specific spot and going out together: at a mall, to the movies, a party, or to the park. Samuel Johnson says that “Life has no pleasure higher or nobler than that of friendship” (283) , and what he means is that life isn 't exciting, or relaxing and nothing comes across friendship. Johnson also says “it is painful to consider…

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