The Debate Surrounding Social Disorder Essay

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Most of the debate surrounding social disorder involves public space. Issues of social disorder are likely to involve youth as they are usually committed by young people (Letch et al., 2011). A limitation is that most solutions put forward by, including environmental crime prevention experts, increases social exclusion rather than decrease it (Sutton, Cherney and White, 2014). Crime prevention should involve youth rather exclude them and take into account, opinions of all users. We will be discussing three issues of social disorders including, graffiti, youth ‘gangs’ and alcohol-related based violence.

Whether it be disproportionate or not, graffiti is the focus of much public concern. Basic strategies include removal campaigns and target hardening. Other interventions at a social level involve more inclusionary programs, which design to encourage and support acceptable forms of graffiti in particular locations (Sutton, Cherney and White, 2014). However, Young (2010) discusses the difficulties of introducing inclusionary responses. Sutton, Cherney and White (2014) highlight one of the most important strategies in combatting graffiti is to engage in a conversation about the type of society we would like to exist in.

This strategy also be applied in the context of youth ‘gangs’ and ethnic conflict. The focus of much media attention and public concern is our Sudanese youth in Melbourne. It could be argued that problems may not just exist in preventing ‘gang’ related…

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