The Debate Surrounding Gun Control Essay

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The debate surrounding gun control has been a become recent and significant conversation in American politics as a result of several gun related incidents, such as mass shootings. In his "Reasoning About An Ethical Issue" speech, Sami decided to focus on this ongoing issue through discussing the history and current state of gun control, explaining the opposing sides related to the issue, and approaching the ethical significance of the issue by referring to the works of John Stuart Mill and Peter Singer. He makes the claim that there needs to be smarter gun laws in order to save lives, such as standardized and mandatory background checks before purchasing a gun. Sami also states that these new laws are especially important in a world with more guns, people, and complex issues than when the original laws, such as the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights from 1791, were adopted by the United States government. The first ethical assumption that Sami makes in the speech is based in the ethical theory of freedom and as found in the essay On Liberty by John Stuart Mill. This ethical assumption is based in the struggle between the forces of authority and liberty (Mill 41). Sami states that the main controversy in enacting gun laws is the struggle between gun laws, representing authority, and gun rights, representing liberty, or if the federal government should create gun laws to protect to public or if they should allow for more states ' rights and individual liberties, such as…

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