The Debate Over The Utilization Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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The debate over the utilization of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture is heating up around the world. GMOs are modified to become resistant to pests and diseases. This debate is significant because the use of GMOs can impact the world’s population, even if only a few individuals are directly involved with the implementation of GMOs. People all across the globe have their own say on the issue, and this policy brief will explore both sides of the argument while also providing recommendations that are the best fit for solving the issue. GMOs should be used in periphery regions where there is a need for this resource in order to care for the growing populations, but it’s still essential to have extensive government regulation on this usage.
Regions around the world have their own views on GM agriculture. The divide between deciding whether or not the use of GM products are commendable, is not as simple as being a core or periphery region. Some core regions, such as the U.S., support the use of GMOs in agriculture, while other core areas like Europe are anti-GMO use. The United States has “…been eating GM products for nearly two decades” (Folger), while “many of EU countries have strict laws against GMOs …and all 28 nations require GMO labeling” (Chow). The way Europe handles GMOs within its nation is something that all countries should agree with because citizens should know what is being done to the food that they consume. For example, countless American…

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