The Debate Over Stem Cell Research Essay

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Stem cells are non specialized cells in your body that have the potential to create more specific types of cells such as blood, brain, tissue or muscle. Because of their unique traits, stem cells have improved millions of lives all over the world. Over the past couple of years, stem cell research has been getting a lot of heat because of a cloud of controversy surrounding it. As a result, the US government (among multiple other countries) deny funding for it and only the wealthy private labs are able to experiment with stem cells. If the government were to fund stem cell research, there would be significant advances in science medicine that would lead to making the our world a better place. The main issues that cause the controversy is over some of the unethical ways that the stem cells are sometimes obtained, and that stem cell research might lead towards human cloning in the distant future. Government funded stem cell research would be a huge step forward in science medicine and would greatly improve the lives in all corners of the planet. Stem cell research has immense potential to greatly advance the medical field in a positive direction but in order to tackle this potential, labs all around the world need to be better funded. By using stem cells doctors are already able to help treat a wide range of medical issues such as, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes (type 1), spinal cord defects/injuries, and many more. And there is a direct relationship on the amount…

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