Essay about The Debate Over Climate Change

1200 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
My Fellow Americans, I am sure that many, if not all, of you are aware of the debate surrounding climate change. The issue has been well-covered in the media, with positions being taken on all sides of the issue. There are those that have sounded the alarm, warning of impending doom should we fail to act. Some have argued that climate change is but a passing fad, a nonissue that poses no real threat to our way of life. Others still have carved out positions in between these two extremes. Much of this debate has been dominated by hyperbole and appeals to emotion, blurring the line between fact and fiction. The research, however, clearly indicates the climate change is indeed occurring and is being driven by human activity, and that significant action is required if we are to stop temperatures from rising even further.
Let us begin with the data. For decades, scientists have collected all forms of meteorological and climate data. Over the past century, the temperature has risen by 1 degree Fahrenheit (National Geographic). Although this slight change is not noticeable in our day to day lives, on a global scale subtle environmental shifts are occurring. In the ocean, fish migratory patterns have shifted towards the poles as water temperatures have risen. Coral reefs have also been “bleached” by the warmer waters (National Wildlife Federation). These phenomena have been increasing rapidly in recent years as a direct result of the warming of ocean waters, and threaten to…

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