The Debate Of Stem Vs. Steam Essay

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In the topic of STEM vs. STEAM, I would have to side with STEAM. I believe in STEAM over STEM for many reasons. STEM may include a subtle amount of the arts, but not enough, I believe that more is needed. With STEAM there is a higher priority to include art in the curriculum, and I believe it can result in a higher education. Art is relaxing, creative, expressive, and should be something every student gets to experience in depth.
I believe taking the STEM approach is a good way to bore students. Yes, some of the lessons involve art like, language arts, social studies, and history but that isn’t enough (Jolly, 2014). I know when I was in High School I would enjoy the classes that included art or had a creative approach to teaching the material. Drilling the same material, reading through a book, and answering test questions day after day is dull. I don’t believe that focusing more on the core subjects like science and math will result in better test scores, better grades, more educated students, and more successful graduates. Everyone is different and should be accounted for. Some people are visual learners, some are auditory, and some can be both. I think that having the arts included into education is not only the better option but allows a more diverse curriculum (Jolly, 2014).
Art is relaxing, and students need an escape. They need a few classes they can unwind and relax. Where they can be themselves and express their feelings, emotions, and thoughts. I know I always…

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