The Debate Between Online Learning Essay

1292 Words Dec 3rd, 2015 null Page
Debates between the validity of online learning gets more popular as the days go on. Most high schools offer online classes to students wanting to receive a class not offered at the school. Some students take online classes in order to get ahead in their college careers, or the student holds a grudge against the school’s choice of a teacher. Traditional learning has been used for decades, and will continue to be used in future generations. Students should stick with face-to-face learning because it helps the student to socialize and work better with others, the student does not have to worry about disciplining themselves, and it is harder to learn the material with the student teaching. Learning in a classroom teaches the students to work with their peers and helps prepare them for a working environment later on in life. After high school, if not during, students begin to get jobs where they must work with other people. In a traditional classroom, teachers assign students in groups for group projects where they must talk and discuss with each other. During an online course, discussion posts are the key communication between students. Arleen R. Bejerano shows this in “Face-to-Face or Online Instruction? Face-to-Face is Better,” when she writes, “Although audio and video components may be integrated into the course, written text is the main medium of communication between students, their peers, and the teacher.” Forcing a student to work in a group helps them to make friends…

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