Essay about The Deaths Of South Dakota

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Population: mortality. 0.208% of all deaths in South Dakota are linked with chronic kidney disease, or 156 of 75,000 deaths; this means that the person could have died from other reasons, but the patient did have chronic kidney disease (Midwest Kidney Network. Dialysis Deaths, 2015), (South Dakota Department of Health. At a Glance in 2014, 2015). Nationally, 0.0149% of all deaths are from some stage of chronic kidney disease, meaning that the death is as a result of this disease (Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Kidney Disease FastStats, 2013). Even though, these statistics are not exactly the same, South Dakota takes into account all deaths linked with the disease and nationally only the patients who truly died from the ailment, we can see that there are a noteworthy amount of people in South Dakota who die with this life debilitating disease. Population: life expectancy.
When diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, the patient is 16 to 40 percent more likely to expire than reach end stage renal disease, or stage 5 chronic kidney disease (Center for Disease Control and Prevention. National Chronic Kidney Disease Fact Sheet, 2014, 2015). When the patient does reach end stage renal disease, or the point of chronic kidney disease where their kidneys can no longer filter our fluid and other electrolytes, they have two possibilities, dialysis or conservative treatments. Conservative action patients who choose no dialysis, a personal choice, have a life span on…

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