Essay on The Death With Dignity Law

1995 Words May 3rd, 2015 8 Pages
Everyday people all over America are becoming sick. They are hearing from their physician that they have a terminal-illness. This surprising news often leaves individuals with difficult decisions they were told they have an estimated amount of time left to live. These terminally-ill patients are faced with many struggles. This may include but is not limited to incurable pain, loss of bodily functions, or losing portions of their body. No matter what their ailment is, they should be allowed to make their own life choices. One, out of the many options that these patients have, is called Death with Dignity. Death with Dignity is an act that was created to give those individuals whom are mentally competent that have been diagnosed terminally-ill the right to end their own life with a lethal amount of physician prescribed medication. Although this right has not been available to everyone. The Death with Dignity law should be available in all states for those who are terminally ill, above the age of 18, and have been told they have six months to live. The Death with Dignity Act originally came about in Oregon starting in 1994 as it was approved by votes. It became a law for the terminally-ill patients of Oregon starting in 1997 (Death with Dignity National Center). The state of Washington became the second state to gain the approval of this law in 2008. Vermont was approved in 2013 (Death with Dignity National Center). This law has worked effectively for the people of Oregon,…

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