The Importance Of Capital Punishment

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Capital Punishment

Ever since medieval times, capital punishment has played a key role in killing prisoners. Back then, the death penalty was used all the time, and sometimes for the wrong reasons and innocent people got killed for no reason. Nowadays, things are a lot different, and every victim has the right to a fair trial before proven guilty. Now, topics on the controversial death penalty is up for question whether the death penalty should be legal or not. America needs this use of punishment to keep dangerous perpetrators in fear of going out and making brutal murders of young children, women, and even grown men, and killing in mass numbers. A normal person does not think like these people do, and they get pleasure from doing these
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Society must have a punishment for those that cause brutal murders, and this punishment needs to have the ultimate penalty of death.
Isaac Ehrlich in 1973 did a study proving that “For every inmate that was executed, 7 lives were spared due to others being deterred from the nervousness of being put on death row.” Further studies have been done and proved the same facts. The only problem with death row is the fact that it takes several years to execute the prisoner. States with very high crime rates and high murder rates, would most likely double if the death penalty were to be withdrawn. A dangerous person that lives off the factor of killing, does not care if they go to jail. However, the thought of getting executed fears them the most. Death scares all humans and is the most successful scare tactic, capital punishment not only eliminates a person with such terrible crimes, but gives the victim’s family reassurance that this person will never do such a crime again. In 1967, Dante Ferrezza, strangled and beat a man to death for no reason. He had premeditated thoughts about
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Dudley sharp, a Death Penalty Resources Director of justice for all (JFA) explains, “Many opponents present, as fact, that the cost of the death penalty is very expensive (at least 1 million per case). While Life Without parole sits at 2 million per case for 50 years.” As the inmates sit in prison for many years, taxpayers are paying thousands to keep them alive, after the fact that they have done a terrible crime. When it is cheaper to put the person to death for a whole lot cheaper, and these perpetrators have done impeccable things to their victims, and caused the families to struggle through these devastating acts that have been done. As a result of brutal murders, serial killers, and attempts of mass murder such as the boston bombing; these people should face Capital Punishment. For the terrible things these people have done, they deserve hardship throughout the last few years of their lives until the death penalty occurs, due to all the harm they have caused to their

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