The Death Penalty Should Not Be Legal Essay

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3.9%. 722,762 votes (New York Times). That’s the difference between 749 California inmates being taken off death row and receiving life without parole, or staying on there and ultimately facing lethal injection (Death Row Inmates by State). The death penalty has been a controversial topic for decades, being taken away in 1972, reinstated in 1977, halted in 2006, and continued again in 2010 (Progressive Editorial Staff). This proposition causes voters to have very strong views about it, millions of dollars being raised for each side by many well known political figures. It has also risen much support as well as concern and objection from California residents. It was a very close race, but the death penalty still stands. I believe the death penalty repeal lost because many Americans are wrapped around the idea of punishment rather than reform for criminals, and so death for someone who caused death, like eye for an eye, is seen as fitting punishment.

The main focus of proposition 62 is to repeal the current death penalty as a maximum punishment for persons found guilty of murder and replace it with life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. It would also apply to inmates who are already on death row (people who have the death penalty sentenced to them and are awaiting the procedure of lethal injection). It would increase the wages of those on death row for the jobs they are required to do, and therefore more money would be contributed to the victim restitution.…

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