The Death Penalty Should Be Legal Essay examples

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“The death penalty is discriminatory and does not do anything about crime”, says Bobby Scott, an American Politician. The death penalty violates the right to life, which is considered our human rights. No one should be able to take the life of someone no matter what the situation is. But what if someone commits a crime so horrendous that you know they do not deserve to live. For an example, if someone was to kill the president of the United States, would you want them alive knowing that he/she can escape prison, or would you want them dead? Taken away the life of an innocence or murderer will not change what happened but it will prevent future crimes .Taking the life of someone means case close, it is irreversible and irreparable but it also means justice is served. The death penalty should be allowed as an acceptable punishment for those taking away the lives of innocent people. Our human rights are rights given to all human beings. The death penalty violates the human rights, but it also eliminates serial killers and rapists. Taking away the life of human being might not be right but think about it, if they can’t control themselves during the time they are alive then they should not be allowed to be a part of society. Reducing the population of killers can help improve our society and can also help decrease crime rates. Why waste time and space for people who is just going to go around a kill people? A person who kills someone for no apparent reason deserves to get the…

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