The Death Penalty Should Be Banned Essay

1109 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
The death penalty continues to be a controversial topic in our society that separates us into two major groups, for and against. It has been around since the beginning of America. Is it time for America to move on to something more reliable? The death penalty is an outdated method of discipline for those who won’t follow the law. In fact, in the last decade, seven out of the fifteen states have abolished the death penalty. Capital punishment is sharply declining. States are finally starting to realize the disadvantages. The death penalty should be banned from all 50 states because of the right that we as humans have: the right to live. In 1972, not only did the Court declare that Furman’s decision was unfair but he did not deserve death sentence and that the death penalty is violating the Eighth Amendment (which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment). The death penalty is unconstitutional. The death penalty was illegal nationwide. There were no executions during this time period. America made the right decision by deciding not to execute people. Four years later after Gregg v. Georgia case, the death penalty was legal again in 1976. Then in 1977, Gary Gilmore, (the first man executed since the re-opening of the death penalty) was executed by a firing squad. It seems like the United States can’t make up their mind. This U.S should have kept it illegal to protect Americans right; the right to live. The First Amendment declares the right to believe. The right to…

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