The Death Penalty Or Capital Punishment Essay

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Crime is one of the biggest issues for humanity. With any crime comes its punishment. The punishment, of course, should be one that fits the crime. In many societies throughout time, the punishment for extreme crimes has been execution. It is an issue that many people feel very strongly about. It is an emotional issue that undergoes much debate. Known in our time as death penalty or capital punishment, it is not effective in stopping crime, nor is it right. Capital punishment should not be used under any circumstance. It has not caused a decrease in criminal activity. It is also very expensive to carry out. Racial bias and many errors have been present in the process of capital punishment. Both political and religious figures have taken a stand and voiced their opinions that this penalty is wrong. The death penalty has been used in the past, but in order to move towards a better future, society needs to leave this practice behind. All of this on top of the fact that every human life should matter, regardless of what the person has done.
The first known death penalty laws were in the eighteenth century B.C. in Babylon. During the ancient practices, methods like crucifixion and drowning were used. As time went by, the most popular method became hanging. This happened mostly in Britain.. The first man executed in United States, during colonial times, was Captain George Kendall, for espionage. After this, in the United States, there were minor offences, including stealing…

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