Essay On Why The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished

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Many scholars have established the reason behind why the death penalty should be abolished, (Elliott and Robinson. 1991) whether or not the influence of life imprisonment really deters murders from committing the crime again, or those who plan on coming the same crime. (Radelet and Borg. 2000.) the cost of the death, incapacitation caprice, and retribution is what surrounds the death penalty; this article illustrates the history behind it all. (McAdams. 1998.) the reason behind the idea that race holds a major place in the death penalty, the author addresses whether the problem with the death penalty is that it’s racially unfair. (De Boef, and Boydstun. 2009) this article address the effect, the aftermath, it aims to raise awareness …show more content…
(Woodson v. North Carolina, 428 U.S. 280) the court ruled that a mandatory death sentencing is unconstitutional, this case was also ruled as being disproportionate. It seems as though it wanted to promote and increase the number of executions. The act goes against religion, in many religions execution is an immoral act; this is another way that the death penalty is in violation of the constitution. The mentally ill is executed, in Atkins v. Virginia, Atkins was convicted of armed robbery, and capital murder. However due to his mental issues and being diagnosed with mental retardation, his case was affirmed and he was sentenced to life in prison instead. ("Atkins v. Virginia." Oyez. ) However, what must be looked at his how many cases that weren’t affirmed and dispirit the capital felons mental state they were put to death anyway.

In these articles the scholars make perfect sense as to why they death penalty is pointless. This punishment is simply inhumane and it contradicts everything this constitutions states. In many cases the eighth amendment becomes a major factor: cruel and unusual punishment. This ac is also in violation of the right to life under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Some may call this act random, because
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It is a wrong done to the victim, the defendant, the families, and the country; the United States must replace the death penalty as capital punishment with life without parole and hard labor. The death penalty does not change or reduce anything, it takes the life of innocent people, abuses the nation, and cost tax payers millions of dollars. The government must understand that there is no difference between illegal and legalized murder is murder, and this punishment should no longer be allowed. After several years of these inmates being on death row, the state decides the day he or she will take their last breath; but however said that dying was a bad thing? This is only another way for the system to have

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