The Death Penalty Is Not Wrong And Unethical Essay

1234 Words May 14th, 2016 5 Pages
The death penalty, or capital punishment, is when government authorities execute selective convicted criminals. Although, many countries have abolished the death penalty, the United States are still running with this form or punishment. Because of so many counties not seeing eye to eye with the red, white and blue, many debates have came up about the death penalty and if it should be dismissed. Adding to this debate, many Americans see the death penalty as being morally wrong and unethical. That is the view now, but has it always been seen as that? But first, to understand a topic as controversial as Capital Punishment, you must understand it’s roots. It’s important to know the origin of the death penalty, because, how are you supposed to see the significance or impact of this punishment if you didn 't know the evolution that has taken place since the colonial times? For example, if capital punishment is seen as being morally wrong and unethical in this day and age, it was once seen as being a public event. Imagine that, people coming from all over town to view a public hanging for entertainment purposes. Comparing that to now, the term “unethical,” doesn’t have as much power behind it. It is very similar to going to war without knowing how to use a gun. The more you know about the death penalty and it’s history, the stronger your argument would be presented. It is also important to know that in 1972, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that capital punishment was cruel and unusual…

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