Essay on The Death Penalty Is Not Strained

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Mercy is Not Strained Sheets of paper were passed through the room. A girl had a sheet in her hand and read it out loud: several crimes were listed including arson, murder, assault, battery, and forced entry. “Death sentence.” This was all she would say. A few others hesitated when hearing that and then the sociology class resumed as usual. Many people question today whether or not a death sentence is an accurate punishment for some criminals. Dead Man Walking brings forth a different approach to this controversial issue, by invoking emotion and showing both sides of the story. The question is now, from an unbiased perspective, was this film written and supposed to argue a pro death penalty or an anti death penalty? One comes to the conclusion that Dead Man Walking is an anti capital punishment movie.
“The death penalty is an issue that has been debated since our country was first established hundreds of years ago. It has been ruled unconstitutional and has been reinstated again all in the last 40 years. In 1972, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that state death penalty laws were unconstitutional which also brought a halt to federal executions. This decision was overturned in 1976 with new laws and the adoption of new procedures.” (Noser, 2016) Matthew Poncelot is a middle aged man, he has been arrested, and given the death sentence for the murder and rape of Hope Percy and Walter Delacroix. One might believe that this film leans toward an anti-death sentence due…

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