The Death Penalty Is Not Only Unjust But Arbitrary Essay

1180 Words Jan 11th, 2016 null Page
What this information should tell us is that we are incapable of deciding whether someone should receive capital punishment or not based solely on the facts of the case. Our nature dictates that our personal biases will always play a part in the final decision. We cannot give ourselves the power to kill if we cannot be just in deciding who dies. If the death penalty was truly invented for the greater good and intended to protect society, then punishment would be based on the facts of the crime alone. Race would never be factored in to the decision.
These disadvantages are just a few of the ways that the death penalty is not only unjust but arbitrary. Beyond the increased likelihood of being convicted based on poverty or race, other factors such as local politics, the location of the crime, plea bargaining, and pure chance make the chances of receiving the death penalty random at best. The way in which we enforce capital punishment doesn’t make sense because it isn’t universal. What one person may be killed for another may simply receive time in prison. Only about two percent of those who commit a crime that makes them eligible for the death penalty receive it (U.S. Death Penalty Facts). If the guidelines that make you eligible to die are so arbitrary from case to case then we can’t really justify it being used in any given scenario. Obviously there are other perfectly suitable solutions to dealing with these criminals if a majority of the time we’re not even using the death…

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