The Death Penalty Is Morally Correct Or Wrong? Essay

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-----The death penalty has been debated for years and while many people have different viewpoints on it everyone has the same question: does the death penalty have an effect on crime? Whether or not the death penalty is morally correct or wrong the it’s effect on crime is what people tend to focus on the most in making the decision on whether it should be used in their country or not. Many tend to believe that the death penalty does have an effect on crime while others believe that it does not.

-----There have been many studies that have come to the conclusion that the death penalty deters crime and actually saves lives. In the article, “The Death Penalty Deters Crime and Saves Lives” by David B. Muhlhausen, the author explains why the death penalty deters crime by explaining the deterrence theory which states that criminals think like regular citizens in that they will not act against their own self interests if there’s a chance that they will face consequences for it. Therefore, with the deterrence theory in mind, a criminal would not commit a murder if they know that by doing so they run the risk of being caught and sentenced to death, thus deterring crime. In the article the author brings up many case studies in which the results show a link between crime rates and capital punishment. The author states, “Using a panel dataset of over 3,000 counties from 1977 to 1996, Professors Hashem Dezhbakhsh, Paul R. Rubin, and Joanna M. Shepherd of Emory University found that each…

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