The Death Penalty Is Justified Essay

1621 Words Apr 19th, 2016 null Page
The death penalty is a controversial topic which receives a great deal of criticism from parties on both sides of the argument. Some suggest that it is morally sound on the basis of an eye-for-an-eye ideology, while others argue that its inherent hypocrisy makes the act illegitimate. By examining and analyzing Igor Primoratz’s A Life for a Life and its argument in support of the death penalty, I will attempt to both explain and discredit his argument on the grounds that murder ought not justify murder. Igor Primoratz’s central argument is that there is no equivalent punishment to murder, which is why in cases of murder, the death penalty is justified. Simply imprisoning someone who committed such a heinous crime as murder does not equate to their crime and doing so is unlikely to deter future criminals, knowing that they will not be sentenced to death. Primoratz is a clear supporter of the retributive theory of punishment which argues that punishment should fit the crime, and does not advocate for a forward looking approach to punishment (one that would consider future social benefits), but rather bases criminal punishments only on what has already occurred. Primoratz continues to argue for the death penalty by suggesting that not only should capital punishment be retained where it is but also reintroduced where it has been eliminated. He does not respect the decisions of states in that regard, arguing that the death penalty ought to be a universally used punishment.…

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