The Death Penalty Is A Capital Punishment Essay example

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The Death Penalty
This time and day any controversial topic is a very sensitive topic to speak on. People are natural emotional creatures making it difficult to disagree or to have your own opinions. We are all so quick to blame society we forget society isn’t just one individual. Statements like “Society has taught us” “Society makes us believe” are statements heard on a daily basis. We are all society. We believe what we want to believe. We all as a community need to understand that people are born with their own mindsets and as time goes on opinions will change. The moment you let “society” form your thoughts and opinions, is the moment you will forever lose your voice. Subjects that used to be as plain as black and white, for example, the death penalty, can cause quite a dilemma. The death penalty is a capital punishment punished by death. The use of the death penalty has been historically documented since the beginning as our records go. In Ancient Greece the Athenian legal system that was written by Draco, the first recorded legislator of Athens, states the death penalty was a punishment for a numerous amount of crimes. Before the prison system was established European culture estimated to have 72,000 executions while under the reign of Henry VIII. If in fact, crimes have been punishable by death since before any of us can remember, why is it a topic of conversation now? Having a history doesn’t make it morally correct, because, at one point, slavery was also…

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