Essay on The Death Of Young People And Shootings

825 Words Jun 25th, 2016 4 Pages
Envision a nation where everyone who felt offended by music, art or literature tried to get the offensive content banded. This would create so many problems when the way people feel about something becomes more important than the actual laws that determine whether or not material should be censored. Though this can be a sensitive subject, I wish to proceed from the viewpoint of whether the artist of the song deserved to have this song pulled off radio stations across the United States. On December 14, 2012 a shooter opened fire on an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut that sparked emotion all across the country which lead to the ban of multiple songs that referenced death of young people and shootings. I’ve chosen to focus on the song “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster the People which references the death of young individual because of shooting. This song was banned after the Sandy Hook elementary shooting and I decided to cover this backstory of this songs ban. I feel it did not deserve to be banned because it was not about this particular shooting, it was written to bring light to the growing problem of mass shootings in the country and finally the law was written to protect our freedom to voice ourselves, not to protect our emotions. From recent assignments I have concluded that censorship is when the government suppresses your speech, or art, with the threat of punishment. The reason people so often relate censorship to free speech is because the person most often…

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