Vincent Van Gogh In The Starry Night

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Very few artists have captured the minds of audiences young and old quite like the way Vincent van Gogh has. His life and works have proven to fascinate time and time again. During his lifetime it was stated, "of his 700 paintings and thousands of drawings, of which he sold less than half-dozen in his lifetime." (Fiero, 2011) In this paper, the life of Vincent van Gogh will be addressed up until the point of his demise. Within this discussion, one of the most recognizable paintings titled "The Starry Night," will be analyzed for each eye capturing point it is believed to express. Van Gogh is one of the most recognized artists to be known for his mysterious and misconceived personas. Much myth and negativity have to be encircled around Vincent’s …show more content…
To this day Vincent van Gogh is still considered to be one of the greatest painters after Rembrandt. Post-impressionism expands on that of impressionism; however, more colors, techniques, and less clean lines is what helped it make its claim to fame. Impressionist art is typical, strict, clear, and concise whereas post-impressionism you could say breaks some of these rules. “The Post-Impressionists rejected this limited aim in favor of more ambitious expression, admitting their debt, however, to the pure, brilliant colors of Impressionism, its freedom from traditional subject matter, and its technique of defining form with short brushstrokes of broken color. The work of these painters formed a basis for several contemporary trends and for early 20th-century modernism.” (Post Impressionism, 2016) Van Gogh 's take away from this was something more personal and spiritual. Each post-impressionist seems to have created their own path and claim to fame for individual types of work, that it made each artist so unique. One of the most popular works of art ever created and can be recognized all over the world is Van Gogh’s “The Starry

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