The Death Of Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night

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Very few artists have captured the minds of audiences young and old quite like the way Vincent van Gogh has. His life and works have proven to fascinate time and time again. During his lifetime it was stated, "of his 700 paintings and thousands of drawings, of which he sold less than half-dozen in his lifetime." (Fiero, 2011) In this paper, the life of Vincent van Gogh will be addressed up until the point of his demise. Within this discussion, one of the most recognizable paintings titled "The Starry Night," will be analyzed for each eye capturing point it is believed to express. Van Gogh is one of the most recognized artists to be known for his mysterious and misconceived personas. Much myth and negativity have to be encircled around Vincent’s …show more content…
He moved to Brussels where he then began to study art, in being supported by his brother Theo named after the men’s’ father. He studies books and began taking lessons while Theo still worked as an art dealer. Without Theo, Vincent had nothing financially to his name. During this time period, he had fallen in love with two women. First being his cousin Kate who repulsed him after he expresses his love for her, and secondly a prostitute. Theo threatened van Gogh if he did not leave Clasina the prostitute that he would cut him off and no longer offer him any type of assistance. Finally, at this point in roughly 1885 Vincent van Gogh began to work on what was called his first masterpiece. A work of art called "Potato Eaters." It was at this point Vincent moved in with his brother in Paris that "van Gogh first saw impressionist art, and he was inspired by the color and light." (Encyclopædia Britannica, inc., 2016) When he finally moved out of his brothers’ small apartment in 1888 it became apparent that his mental and physical illness was again in full swing. It was stated that “He moved into the little yellow house and spent his money on paint rather than food. He lived on coffee, bread, and absinthe.” ( Editors, 2015) Many people also believed during this low he had taken to also eating his paints. Within a month of living apart from Theo, the infamous "removal of his ear" had occurred. "He paid for a prostitute named Rachel; with blood pouring from his hand he (Encyclopædia Britannica, inc., 2016) Vincent van Gogh will always be remembered for this stunt, although the stories about why he did it and who he gave it to vary, one thing is for sure this would not be his first time in or out of an

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