The Death Of The Holocaust During World War II Essay

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Six Million Jews were murdered in the holocaust during World War II. On September 11th, 2001 almost three thousand people were murdered in a terrorist attack. In the aftermath of these horrific tragedies the world came together as one to bring justice to the victims of these acts. Since 1980, 1.5 billion babies have been murdered worldwide. No one talks about these victims, let alone protests in the streets, or sends troops to bring justice to these babies. They are forgotten. You don’t have to be an ethicist to know that genocide, slavery, and terrorism are immoral. You just have to be human, and this is where the first problem lies. Abortion is permissible because human fetuses are not people. This is what the pro-choice side must think, because there are only four possibilities that can be true. If a fetus is a person and we know it, then killing it is murder. If a fetus is a person and we don’t know it, then killing it is manslaughter. If a fetus is not a person and we don’t know it, then killing it is negligent or reckless. Lastly, if a fetus is not a person and we know it, only then is killing it permissible. We are skeptical of a fetus being a person, but we are not skeptical of a fetus not being a person. Skepticism only works for abortion, not against it. I don’t know about you, but I would rather err on the side of caution and say that a fetus is a person. I would rather protect potential life than destroy potential life. So for the rest of this paper I will assume…

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