Abortion In America

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Abortion Laws in America One of the first things that come to mind when I think about the United State of America is freedom. The citizens of this country have the freedom of speech and choice. However, in some situations that may not be so true. For quite some time now there has been an attempt at making abortions completely illegal. The only situations in which abortion would be legal is if the mother’s health is at risk or the pregnancy was due to rape and sexual assault. The court case Roe V. Wade was an important and controversial case that created the foundation of abortion laws. It seems barbaric and uneducated to steal away the right that women deserve to have over their own bodies. It is important to fight against these abortion laws …show more content…
It teaches society and the youth that life is disposable and it instills it within the culture. Along with that it can cause future complications for the mother in any future pregnancies. The abortion laws were created to benefit and protect the women of America. Having the opportunity to bring another life into this world is not a privilege a lot of people get. Another benefit of restrictive abortion laws is that women who do give birth to a child and are not in a situation to raise the child can put them up for adoption. This is helping other families who are not able to conceive a child and it is also preventing murder of an unborn baby. This is beneficial and secures a good future for the …show more content…
However, how easily is it accessible and what is the percentage of effectiveness? Many women in areas away from central cities do not have access to birth control pills or IUD’s. There are other side effects to them and costs that they may not be able to pay. For some women, pills and implants are not right and can risk their health. As for condoms, they are not 100% effective and sometimes may break. So even though there are numerous other forms of birth control, not all of them are highly effective and right for every individual. In an article written by Tara Haelle on Forbes.com, Haelle talks about the repercussions of the Texas Omnibus Abortion Bill. After the passing of this bill more than forty-two of the abortion clinics in Texas were closed. This left only ten clinics open and increasing wait times for the women seeking out abortions. According to the article, “wait time went from 5 days to 20 days after the law was enacted” (Haelle). For the women in Texas, access to safe abortions were diminishing and many even had to go out of state. Many also argue that abortions have severe effects on the female body and is very harmful and damaging. Many individuals who are pro-life believe that abortions are far more dangerous than child birth. However, according to a statistic from ProCon.org, “A woman 's risk of dying from having an abortion is 0.6 in 100,000, while

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