The Death Of The Elderly Woman Across The Street Essay

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I saw him walk towards the elderly woman across the street. Ms. Nolenson, I think that’s her name. She’s an eighty-three year old weak woman, a perfect target. She was unloading some heavy groceries from her car, when he casually walked over. He said, “Ma’am. Do you need some help?” in an inviting, friendly matter. At first she rejected the help with a simple “No, thank you”, but after a quick smile and “Are you sure?” she gave in. He grabbed a handful of bags and followed the old woman into the house. I got the chills and I knew something terrible was about to happen. I couldn’t call the police because I had tried in the past and they just find nothing wrong, and he gets away…again. So I waited and watched like I had for the past two years to finally catch him. This all started two years ago when I had an amazing boyfriend and a great job as an investigator. One day around the end of November, I got a call that changed my whole life. A seven-year old boy had gone missing in the last twenty-four hours. We thought he might have been somewhere close like a fort or a tree house, but he was not there. So we checked all of his friends’ houses and the school, but he was not anywhere to be found. His parents were too sad to say or do anything, so they had their neighbor Charlie come over. The questions were the same as always until he answered, “The boy really needed a better family.” I thought it was odd, but the family was going through a rough time. A year passed and I had…

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