Human Trafficking In California

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The topic of human trafficking in general is a huge issue in America. Human trafficking in California is an issue as well, although it isn’t as big of a problem. California has the most cases of human trafficking in the United States. Human trafficking as a whole is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in America. Human trafficking is the second largest profitable criminal enterprise. When cases are reported, the authorities are usually called and receive a tip about the trafficking. A majority of the trafficking cases that are reported are females. Sex trafficking is the act of forcing, coercing, or transporting a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act (The State of Human Trafficking in California, pg 16). A majority of the trafficking …show more content…
Forced labor is thought to be the second most common case of human trafficking, but actually labor trafficking is three and a half times as common as sex trafficking (Kamala D. Harris, The State of Human Trafficking in California, pg. 4, print/web). The ratio between sex and labor trafficking is 1:9 ( The State of Human Trafficking in California Pg 2), the reason sex trafficking seems to be more common is because they are the most reported. California is infact working on a solution to this growing problem. There are multiple human trafficking laws in place, trying to eliminate this specific problem. From 2010 through 2012 task forces in California have had 2,552 investigations, identified 1,277 victims, and arrested 1,798 people. Task forces also provided training to 25,591 law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, victim service providers, and other first responders (Harris, D, Camela). There are several hotlines in place for individuals to call if they are part of human trafficking or if they know someone who is …show more content…
Flor worked in a sweatshop, where she was forced to live, she was given barely any food and she was unable to leave the building or talk to anybody. If she disobeyed she would be punished, her trafficker would pull her hair and sometimes hit her. Her trafficker didn’t get much of a punishment for the crime that she committed. A young girl, 18 years of age, met David at a club. The girl didn’t have a good home life and he comforted her. One weekend David invited the girl to stay the weekend with him, she accepted and when she got there, he told her that she was going to “Walk the track”. The girl was a victim of sexual human trafficking for six months before she escaped a hotel she was being kept at for the time being. David Bernard Anderson II was the first person to be prosecuted for human trafficking in
Humboldt County, California (Juniper Rose, Eureka Times-Standard). The victim did not want her name published to the story. Another victim that decided to share her story was Theresa Flores. She travels around the world telling people her story to those who had similar

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