The Death Of The Door Essay

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To his confusion, the person behind the door starts laughing loudly which makes Tsukishima react by growling and throwing a crumpled up wrapper at the so called officer. The bedhead officer easily swats away the paper and kneels down to look at Tsukishima whose legs were still feeling numb and so Tsukishima bares his teeth. Said bedhead starts laughing again and really, Tsukishima just wants to punch the guy in the face but he’s startled when a chipper voice that sounds a lot like Bokuto pokes from the door.
“Hey Kei, is the floor so interesting you gotta hump it?” Bokuto says dryly as he walks inside the room, ignoring the officer and his friend on the floor and choosing to crash on the couch instead. Tsukishima can hear the springs give in from under Bokuto’s weight, but it’s nothing compared to the resistant creaks he gets when he sits on the ancient piece instead. The man next to him casually waves hello to Bokuto and Bokuto waves back and somewhere in Tsukishima’s rotten brain he deduces that this guy was not an officer and probably just a friend of Bokuto’s. Brilliant.
The feelings start to return to Tsukishima’s legs and so he gets up, ignoring all the tiny pricks in his left foot and pushes the other guy away (weakly) before turning to Bokuto and crossing his arms.
“Who’s your new friend? You haven’t brought anyone over here since Akaashi fucked that other guy.” Alright maybe he’s being a little crass with the topic of Bokuto’s old crush but he’s annoyed at the fact…

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