The Death Of The Dead Essay

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It was a Beautiful evening in 1995 Sydney, Australia until it all went bad. A sudden crack of thunder raged in the sky and buckets of rain started to pour from the sky. A family in a car, unfortunately, got stuck in that rain on the highway back home. There was a sudden pothole that caused the car to pop up, slip, and roll over on its back while crashing into a wall. There were sirens everywhere while an inferno grew from the car. A firefighter, Jeff Charles, was able to save the girl, Angie, and the father, Christopher, but then as he went with the mom, the entire car exploded. The outcome of that crash and fire led to the firefighter 's death, the mom’s death, and Angie going blind.
---- 2008-Daniel was walking home after school and bumps into a girl. “Move,” Daniel exclaimed as he walked away, “what you couldn’t see me standing there, are you blind?” The next day Daniel took the same route and saw the same girl walking, yet this time, she had a cane guiding her. “Excuse me,’ Daniel shouted, “do you need any help?” “No, get away from me, I remember you from yesterday from your voice,” Angie replied. “Please, please let me help, I 'm..I 'm so sorry,” he said as he cried while on his knees. “Why are you sorry,” she replied, “all these years I’ve been like this, it’s the truth what you told me yesterday.” Daniel said, “Meet me here tomorrow again, my name is Daniel,” he exclaimed as he ran away nervously. “My name is Angie,” she whispered as Daniel ran away.
---- The…

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