The Death Of The Bell Tolls Essay

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Today I am going to discuss for whom the bell tolls. I wanted to focus on the importance of for whom the bell tolls and its place into American literature. For whom the bell tolls a novel that painted graphic images of war vividly into our minds, though gruesome and chilling to our souls, these images are necessary and vital so that the next generations will empathize with this agony in hopes they will not repeat these same atrocities. This novels main themes included death, Camaraderie, suicide, and sacrifice and finally love all these are emotions and thoughts one may experience’s during war.
Ernest Hemingway wrote for Whom the Bell Tolls in Havana, Cuba; Key West, Florida; and Sun Valley, Idaho in 1939(Meyers, Jeffrey). It is based on Hemingway’s’ experience during the Spanish civil war. The book 's title is taken from the metaphysical poet John Donne 's series of meditations and prayers on health, pain, and sickness (Donne, John).
Death is a primary primus of the novel. When Robert Jordan is assigned to blow up the bridge, he knows that he may not make it. Pablo and El Sordo, leaders of the Republican guerrilla troops, see that its destiny as well. Almost all of the main characters in the book contemplate their own deaths at least once. Before the operation, Pilar reads Robert Jordan 's palm, sees a premonition and, refuses to comment on what she saw, foreshadowing his untimely demise (Hemmingway Earnest,). This is where Hemingway uses those graphic images like the…

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