Symbolism In Much Ado About Nothing

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Jason Klarwein has directed the theatrical masterpiece ‘Much Ado about Nothing’. Klarwein says this play is a beautifully controlled sensual look at love and lust. What people will do to get it and what people will do to avoid it”. The play revolves around romantic love and lust however it also explores the love found within the confines of friendship which is a more powerful and driving force in the play. Tama Matheson and Patrick Dwyer exhibit precise and deliberate control their movements to shape a believable relationship between the characters. Symbolism and development of mood further expands on the relationship in order to illustrate the significance of platonic love.
A convention of Elizabethan theatre that both Matheson and Dwyer
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This symbolism assists in the audiences comprehension of what is happening in the play. In the couch scene where Claudio and Don Pedro are lying atop one another there is a range of subtle symbolism. The white of the couch they lie on symbolises the purity and innocence of their desire for physical affection. Their costuming are all earthy tones which conveys the ease and naturalness of their relationship, content yet strong. As their clothing is predominantly browns and beiges it portrays their friendship as warm and friendly as these colour are warm colours rather than cool, but also aren’t fiery and passionate as Beatrice’s bright red costuming is. These deliberate costuming and set choices create subliminal messages that the audience subconsciously process to provide clarity to their understanding of the relationship between the two men. This symbolism shows their love to be very easy going and effortless while at the same time showing lack of romantic interest despite the intimacy of their actions. Judgement is symbolised in the attire of Don John when he walks in on them. Don John is wearing all black which illustrates the dark, dreadfulness of judgement and its power to alter the way in which people act and hold themselves. Klarwein deliberately chose to include this scene as it provides an insight into the true dynamic of their relationship, how they truly act around each other without fear of judgement. This tells us that their relationship is quite vulnerable and they are quite self-conscious about it as it may not meet others expectations of a platonic male

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