Rhetorical Devices In Much Ado About Nothing

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William Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” is a well-known comedy, a tale of lovers, haters and everything in between. The play focuses on two lovers who are captivated by each other’s looks the two care for little more in each other. On the other hand, another two lovers, Beatrice and Benedick, challenge each other’s quick wit and on the surface, seem to be a pain or burden to one another, yet they always find themselves talking or thinking about the other. Throwing insults, or witty humor into their conversations. The passage from act 1 scene 1 of the play is a perfect example of the latter couple when Benedick and Beatrice first meet in the play. It is hinted throughout the play that they’ve known each other long before the events taking place in “much ado about nothing” This is also addressed at the end of this passage, Beatrice directly mentions they’ve met before, (1.1.142). most probably more than once. This passage is important because it sheds light on the surface relationship between Benedick and Beatrice, as well as, provides insight on topics such as the inner desires of both Beatrice and Benedick and their thoughts on relationships and marriage. Through this …show more content…
This suggests either that they were close, or just the opposite, one did not want to grow closer to the other. Back to the passage, using symbolism and a metaphor through Benedick: “Well, you are a rare parrot-teacher” Shakespeare conveys that all Beatrice does in this passage is take Benedick's insults and throw them right back at him. Looking at the passage as a whole, it becomes a noticeable pattern that her insults always relate to something Benedick has said to her in the line before, meaning he is the one leading the

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