Lola Diaz Relationships

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Through the primary characters, Beli, Lola, and Oscar, Diaz communicates both that the past repeats itself and that love is not an easy thing to find, but that doesn’t mean you should force it because no good can come from forcing love.

Beli being the mother of Lola and Oscar started off this down spiral of occurrences when she first went out with Jack and then the Gangster. Both being ex-boyfriends in her life, which she ran to for affection, who took advantage of her. Just like Jack the Gangster was involved with another woman of which he never told Beli about. The Gangster told Beli things, ”In the course of their relationship, but there was one important item he failed to reveal. That he was married.” (138) The only way that he kept
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When Lola found out she was moving to New Jersey she broke up with her then boyfriend, Max, thinking that maybe it would be easier for them both and that it maybe wouldn’t hurt as much not even thinking of making it work. When she broke up with him, “He tried to stop me from walking away, but I screamed at him, like my mother screams, and he dropped his hand like it was dead. I thought I was doing him a favor. Not wanting to hurt him anymore than was necessary.” (206) Instead of facing her problems and issues in life she decides to run away from them and not decide to deal with them. In Lola’s case this doesn't only hurt her it pushes her to do more stupid things. After the breakingup, she quickly moved on to have sex with a classmate’s father for money. Not only is that illegal it’s very immature. She made the easy decision of calling him even though, “He was the father of one of my classmates. Always after me, even when his daughter was around, so I called him.” (206) Even though she’s going through a breakup she doesn’t seem to be taking it very hard because she doesn’t seem to hurt, she just runs away from her feelings. Later on she questions the actions of her mother, Oscar, and herself because they all go through similar things of falling for …show more content…
His actions add on to the stories that we are being told of how his family runs away from what they can’t see is real and are attracted to what is there at the moment that isn’t always real. At 7 years old Oscar had two girlfriends, Olga and Maritza, at once and once they found out about each other Oscar had to choose which one he wanted to be with. Between them two he chose to dump Olga and be with Maritza because she was prettier. This didn’t go very well for him because he had gotten himself hurt because he shouldn’t have cheated in the first place. To Oscar, “What had hurt, however, was when Maritza dumped him.” (15) After dumping Olga for Maritza he found out that Maritza had moved on when he saw her kissing another boy on her porch. Not only did he mess up and lose them both, he made the stupid decision of having two girlfriends. As the years pass Oscar falls for more girls that he’ll never have, but later on we meet a special lady named Ybon. We’ll never know why she was so special to Oscar, but even though she was an older lady with kids, multiple abortions, visits to prison, had a police cop as a boyfriend, and was a prostitute he still waited for her and wanted her for

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