The Death Of Saint Thomas Academy Essay

883 Words Nov 19th, 2015 4 Pages
With an expressive hiss the door slid open. The cold, moist weather sprinted in the door painting goose bumps over every inch of our bodies. To stay warm, we had to keep any unprotected skin tucked away from the harsh October weather. The Sartell Varsity Soccer Team and I slowly inched our way off the bus in an attempt to stay as long as possible in the warmth. Taking my first step onto the wet cement sidewalk, I was battered with frigid snow and strong winds. I had only just stepped foot on the Benilde–Saint Margaret’s Soccer field when I felt the nervousness penetrating my spine. My knees felt weak and I felt light headed. I saved myself from unconsciousness by paying attention to the current soccer game. Saint Thomas Academy was destroying Rochester Lourdes in the state quarterfinals with a score of three to one. I couldn’t help but feel that I didn’t belong at that field, but somehow it felt like where I had to be. I felt a firm hand grab my shoulder and the next Michael Heim was dragging my focus away from the intense game. Michael peered into my eyes with the same expression of nervousness and trembling fear. “Hager wants us on the practice field in three minutes” Michael managed to force out. I acknowledged and followed him over to the practice field. The field was used for football practice and it was tucked away from any prying eyes. The frigid snow had managed to seep through my warm-ups and send a second wave of massive shivers throughout my body. I…

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