Essay on The Death Of My Great Grandmother

1016 Words Jul 6th, 2016 5 Pages
Sometimes in life, some events in life happen that become an unforgettable memory which teaches a lesson that becomes one of the basic guideline in life. A very important event in life was the death of my great grandmother. She was so awesome and a very sweet lady. She also was a great role model to me. Over the years it has gotten easier to talk about her death.
It all started on a Wednesday morning while I was getting ready for school. My grandma came in to my room and told us “go say bye to your Nana because she isn’t going to make it past today.” All I could think of at that moment was how I was no longer going to see her and have her for the good and the bad moments in my life. I can still see my grandmother devastated and sad. Seeing her mother and knowing she was no longer part of her life. It was a big change. I was very nervous and sad when I was told that because me and my family knew that we were seeing her for the last time even though she wouldn 't be able to see us or talk to us. As I walked in to her room, I saw my family all crowded in her room and I could see how sad and heartbroken everyone was over the tragedy that occurred. I remember glancing over at her hospice bed and seeing my great grandmother laying there very pale and cold. My uncles were devastated when they walked in to her room to see their mother. I wish I could have found the right words to help them feel better and comfort them, but there are no right words to say to someone who has lost a…

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