My Parent's Funeral: A Position Narrative

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Position Narrative
My grandma dying was something I didn 't understand as an eight year old. I was raised by my grandparents because my parents didn 't have a steady life for they were young when I was born. So my mum worked and was in college and for my dad he continued to work a job that required traveling. I had already began to know my grandparents as my parents by the time my birth parents were well off. So they continued to let me know them as sister and uncle. My first everything were what I had shared with my grandparents and everything seemed perfect.
I wasn 't ready for this but unexpectedly my grandma became sickly and unhealthy for her kidneys weren 't functioning right. She attended dialyses everyday and tried to
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My grandpa received a call from the hospital that my grandma would be discharged to Whiteriver’s IHS. My grandpa cried so hard but at the time I though it was good that she would be home. Little did I know that she didn 't have a chance because the hospital didn 't have the equipment she required. The last memories I would have of her would be her in a hospital bed because my grandma died that night. I had always thought she would be there for me and see me grow up. I finally grasped the meaning of death when they lowered her into the ground and buried her . I would not see her become healthy or see her ever but would just have memories of her love. My grandpa became depressed and unfit to care for me so he soon moved me to my parents’s …show more content…
Being in a hospital all the time sparked a desire to help people who needed help like my grandma. I first felt that the medical field was something I wanted when I tried to help my grandma by wiping her face and moving her arms and legs around to give her exercise. Everything around medically practice interests me because I wanted to be the person to tend and care for my grandma. I wanted to be the one to help her get healthy again. Seeing that you can help someone and make them feel a lot or a little better seemed to make me

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