Essay On Personal Application Of Language

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5 Personal Applications #2
“Language of Control,” Page 17
I noticed that I often try to get the other to do something for me. For example, I ask my brother a favor to pass me a glass cloth or pen and say get me this, pass me that. However, when I ask my mom to do something for me I do not act like what I would do to my brother. For example, if I want a glass of water, I would say to my mom that “I’m very thirsty. It would be great if I can get a glass of water.” I found out that I act informal to my brother and more formal to my mom because my brother would say same thing to me and I do not mind. However, my mom would ask me a favor, she acts informal with me while I am not. I think “language of control” depends on the target person because if the partner is very
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I have a grandmother who I lived with for more than half of my life. When I was young, we always walked, cooked, played together. Over the time, she got weaker and weaker. Currently she is lying down on a hospital bed, immobile. It was very heart breaking to see my grandmother changing so fast and become unable to recognize my name and face. Then I figured out that the life is too short and fragile and no one knows when one person will pass away or become ill. Before I die, I want to say “I love you” to my family as much as I can, so I do not regret that I did not. I call my parents every day after my final class of the day ends and always ends my call with I love you. Because life is short and tender like Candy Chang said, it is important me to express my love and feelings to my loved ones. My grandmother used to say that there might be an order of who comes first, but there is not order of who leaves first. Saying I love you to my loved ones is my way of preparing death because no one knows when and where and how you are going to

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