Essay on The Death Of My Father

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After the tragic event, my family and I rushed to his coffin. I saw his face of happiness once again, marking as a happy person on Earth. Despite his happiness, tears flowed freely from my eyes as a sign of helplessness and mourning. Many of his colleagues, friends, fellow co-workers, and supporters have rushed to his wake in Makati. Most of them gave their condolences and counsels. "Stay strong," "Condolences," these were the common words/phrases I heard from them. I reminisced my experiences with my father. Repeatedly, I examined my conscience, remembered what happened that night. I felt bad not only for myself, but also for the family that I failed to spend more time happily with him and the family. September 22, 2016: This as the day my father finally left us. Certainly, he was going to heaven for being a good father and counsel of the many people. His body was burned in a crematorium and finally transformed into ashes, just like the famous belief during Lenten Season, "Started in ashes, ended in ashes." From this date, I can 't help myself but to continue fighting in life. With the light of his inspiration and the loved ones, I helped myself become stronger. I tried my best to become more closer to the family. I attempted to excel in my field of endeavor. For his unconditional support. For his undying grace.

Why I suffered like this? A tone of enlightenment. Think about this. Whenever we experience a tragic event such as a immediate death in the family like what I…

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