The Death Of A Special Loved One Essay

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The Death of a Special Loved One
Losing someone close can be very hard. Death can be very hard for some and easy for others. For Cecil Patterson experiencing the death of his mother was very hard and trying time for him. How would he get over the death of his mother? What would he do? He had experienced it before, but losing his mother was something that he thought he would never ever get over.
As a child Cecil grew up in a household with seven siblings, two sisters and five brothers. They had a wonderful mother and father to help them stay on the right track. His mom was a very strong woman. She believed in the power of prayer and knew that God would work out any situations that came in her household. She taught her children to be the same way. When things got them down, they knew the best thing to do was pray. She also taught them to pray just to thank God for his many blessings. Their family experienced a road block when one of Cecil’s brothers passed away from an overdose. They knew the life style he lived but didn’t expect for him to lose his life to his addiction. His mother prayed them through this situation and taught them how to grieve properly. Everything seemed back on track until his father became sick. His father wouldn’t tell anyone what was really wrong with him. Four years later their father died. Cecil’s mother grieved her son by praying for strength. Cecil’s father grieved his son by drinking alcohol sun up to sun down. He remembers one day his dad sked…

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