Cecil The Lion Analysis

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Last week, both the animal world and the human world were in state of shock as Cecil The Lion was killed, beheaded and skinned in Zimbabwe. Almost everyone knew that Cecil was one of the most popular animals on that area and she symbolizes the true meaning of animal freedom. But just like any other great stories, a dentist named Walter Palmer ended that freedom by paying his guide $55,000 to help him kill the poor animal.
According to various news sources, Palmer’s dental clinic and Facebook page were already closed. More and more people hated him on social media as the story develops. What’s worse is that the U.S. Gov’t was not able to reach Palmer for his side. According to his last statement, he was not aware that the lion he just hunted was very popular.
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The Lion
To be honest, there’s nothing much about Dr. Walter Palmer before the incident happened. Yes, a lot of people knew him as a hunter, but nobody really gave much thought about it. Yes, he’s the kind of hunter that looked terrible because of the animals that he hunted, but his patients still trusted him. And because of his professionalism in Dentistry, his clients trust him.
But like a lion pouncing on a wildebeest, he kept his eye on Cecil. He successfully killed the lion, but the group of wildebeest didn’t like it.
Like a stampede, floods of hate messages ran towards the dentists. People mocked him, judged him, and mistrusted him. And so his practice of dentistry came into a halt.
The Dentist
After knowing the true identity of the mastermind behind the lion murder, Dr. Walter Palmer explained his side.
In a statement, he said that he didn’t know that the lion was collared and the certain animal was part of a study. On July 28, 2015, he “deeply regret” his actions. For all he knew that he was with professional guides and that everything was

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