Coping With Death In Homer's Iliad '

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Coping With Death

Trying to endure the loss of a loved one can leave one feeling really emotional. More importantly, if the loss is unexpected, the survivor has a rougher time finding a way to cope. Every personality has its own way of coping with death, and the reactions are influenced by the circumstances of that death, particularly when it is sudden or accidental. One’s reactions are also influenced by the relationship with the person who died. Coping with a sudden traumatic death may cause the survivor to react on the nature of the event. Being in shock or disbelief of losing a loved one is basically coming face to face with the reality of death and realizing that one can’t live forever, nor can one reach immortality. Remember, it is the memory that lives forever.
Death is a fact of life and has been since the beginning of time. Death is also unavoidable, and it is the loved ones who suffer the most sorrow. However, coping with the grief can
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His coping mechanism was wanting revenge. Losing his best friend and then seeing Hector flaunts around in the armor that was stripped off of Patroclus caused Achilles to seek vengeance, not only by the death of his spear, but parading Hectors body around Patroclus grave. Achilles has been a soldier all his life. When the tragic death of his friend hit him, he coped with the only way he knew how, rage and violence. After the parading, and it was time to rest, Achilles wept for his friend with Priam, Hectors father, agreeing to return Hector’s body. "Vex me, sir, no longer; I am of myself minded to give up the body of Hector. My mother, daughter of the old man of the sea, came to me from Jove to bid me deliver it to you.” (Homer, The Iliad Book XXIV). Achilles accepts and realizes that he too will die and that he will now face life with a renewed courage. He realized it would be his fame, not himself that will live

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