The Death Of My Beautiful Grandmother Essay

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During life, we may endure a vast array of turmoil or happiness. It is through those moments that we are influenced the most. Perhaps the experience was felt after a really tough break-up or finally walking across the stage at graduation, but for me, it was the death of my beautiful grandmother. She suffered from ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, for an entire year. It started in her brain stem and affected her vocal cords leaving her speechless, then it slowly crept throughout her body. As she visited us during Thanksgiving, only two months before it took her life, I gave her the respect and attention she fully deserved by using her facial cues for any questions and answers I had. I assisted her in the restroom along with her physical cleanliness, and performedpreformed her tube feedings. After the conclusion of her cares, she always used her whiteboard and wrote “thank you” and “love you” with great concentration. I did not know such a fragile yet magnificent woman could leave such an everlasting impact on my life. She taught me the true meaning of caring, love, compassion, and above all, selflessness.
As illustrated above, caring describes for many of us, the duties we execute through kindness and empathy toward others to help them maintain a happy and healthy life. The key aspect in this discussion is to obtain our own authentic grasp on the word caring through a variety of unique perspectives and how they relate to the field of nursing. With the aid of the…

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