Essay about The Death Of Modern Crisis Intervention

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The term crisis can be define in many different ways. According to Kanel (2015), a crisis consists of four parts which are a precipitating event, perception of the event, emotional distress, and failure of an individual’s usual coping methods. The Father of Modern Crisis Intervention, Gerald Caplan, defined a crisis as “an obstacle that is, for a time, insurmountable by the use of customary methods of problem solving” (Kanel, 2015, p.2). Domestic violence or intimate partner violence (IPV) is an act of abusive behavior in a relationship that is done by one partner to gain or maintain control and power over another intimate partner (Morgan & Truman, 2014). Domestic violence come in different forms such as: emotional, economic, physical, or sexual threats of actions that influence another person to gain power or control. Emotional abuse is undermining an individual’s self-esteem. This may include criticism, name calling, or lessening one’s abilities (Kanel, 2015). Economic abuse is making or attempting to make an individual financially dependent by taking control over all financial resources, withholding access to money, or not allowing attendance at work or school. Physical abuse is when contact is made intending to cause injury, pain, or any bodily harm. Physical abuse includes but is not limited to, slapping, biting, hitting, pushing, choking, kicking, beating, etc. (Morgan & Truman, 2014). This type of abuse could also include denying a partner medical car or forcing…

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